Today’s Show 10-08-18

Today on our show, we had Dan Doron from the Ohio Consumer’s Council, and Fred Ross from IBEW 1245.

Our first guest on the show was Dan Doron and he discusses possible scams that people could fall for involving their utility providers. Doron talks about scammers targeting older individuals, more creative scams that are being pulled on people, how to spot a scammer, what to do if you happen to fall for a scam. He also discusses do not call lists, and the importance of reporting a scam if you do fall for one. Just because you fell for a scam does not mean someone else should too; report it so that people can learn from your mistakes. To end his time on the show, Doron talks about “vampire power”, and different ways on how to save nearly $100 on your electricity a year!

Our second guest on the show today was Fred Ross and he talks about maintaining a strong relationship and open communication with members of your union. He talks about how staying transparent with your union will help maintain trust throughout the union, making sure everyone’s voices are heard, constantly improving your union, recruiting campaigns, the union difference, and how to keep members in the union, lowering the rate of people leaving the union.

Other topics that we discussed today were how a union can make a difference in your life, the Cordray and Dewine debates, and how a union in California is responding to the Janus decision.

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