Today’s show 4-23-14

On the broadcast today we had Mark Naymik, Political Columnists with The Plain Dealer and Cleveland.Com, and he talked about several topics including Issue 7 the Sin Tax, The Cuyahoga County Executive Race, and the Lake County State Representative Race! Our second Guest was Rhonda Reda, Executive Director of the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program(OOGEEP), and she talked about Oil and Gas Workforce Development!

Today’s show 4-22-14

On the radio show today we had Jeff Stoffer, Managing Editor of the American Legion Magazine, and he talked about a couple stories featured in the May edition including the Korean War and 70 year anniversary of D Day! Our second guest was Al Mixon, With The Teamsters Union and he talked about Voter Suppression in Ohio!

Today’s show 4-21-14

On the broadcast today we had Ohio State Senator, Tom Patton, and he talked about several issues including Senate Bill 137 that Protects Workers in Construction Zones, The Capital Budget and it’s impact on Cuyahoga County, and the Mid-Biennial Budget! Our second guest was Economist and Author, Tom Mackell Jr., and he talked about the similarities to French Aristocracies and Today’s current climate in Government!

Today’s show 4-17-14

On the broadcast today we had Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. and she talked about Equal Pay for Women! Our second guest was Dave Wondolowski, Executive Secretary of the Cleveland Building and Constructions Trades Council, and he talked about Issue 7, The Sin Tax and why it needs to be renewed!