Today’s show 8-21-15

On the show today we had Mark Seavey, with The American Legion Magazine, and he talked about the upcoming September issue and several stories including Post 9/11 Generation, Chattanooga Shooting, and a story about the POW MIA Flag being Racist! Our second guest was Norm Wernet, with the Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans, and he talked about the Americans for Prosperity National Summit and it’s Attack on Retirement Security and Good Jobs with Pay and Benefits that Lead to Retirement!

Today’s show 6-29-15

Today we played a re-broadcast of our January 30, 2015 show featuring Rick Smith, Radio Show Host and Author, and he talked about his book. “Daddy, What’s the Middle Class?”! and Keith Wrightson, Worker Safety and Health Advocate with Public Citizen, and he talked about Safety and Health as Part of Public Works Procurement!