Today’s show 7-30-14

On the broadcast today we had Rick DeChant,Executive Director of Veterans Initiative at Cuyahoga Community College, and he talked about the GI Bill and the Greater Cleveland Fisher House! Our second guest was Robert Kleidman, Professor at Cleveland State University, and he talked about Building One Ohio!

Today’s show 7-29-14

On the broadcast today we 2 new guests!! Our first guest was Dr. Monika Dutt, with the Organization Canadian Doctors for Medicare, and she talked about Canada’s Health System, and how it promotes Equity, Cost-Savings and Quality! Our second guest was Kristal Lauren High, from Politic365, and she talked about U.S. Internet Policy!

Today’s show 7-28-14

On the broadcast today we had 3 guests!!! Our first guest was Dan Troy, Lake County Commissioner, and he talked about several topics including the Federal Highway Bill, Federal Minimum Wage, and Tea Party attempting to win County Commissioner seats in North East Ohio! Our second guest was Colleen Kelly, President of the National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU), and she talked about IRS Funding Trouble! Our third guest was Ed Wytkind, President of the Transportation Trades Department of the AFL-CIO, and he talked about the Pending Senate Vote on the Highway Trust Fund!

Today’s show 7-25-14

On the radio show today we had Kathy Newman, Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, and she talked about the 60th Anniversary of “On the Water Front” and the impact on dock workers! We also played a recording of Senator Sherrod Brown talking to Congress about Fair Trade!

Today’s show 7-24-14

On the broadcast today we had Bill Samuel, Director of Government Affairs for the AFL-CIO, and he talked about several topics including the “Minimum Wage Challenge”, Highway Transit Funding, and Immigration! Our second guest was Lou Dubose, Editor of the Washington Spectator, and he talked about Jeb Bush’s Financial Scam, and Evangelicals power over the GOP!