Today’s Show 10-12-18

On the show today we had two guests, Jimmy Cullen and Mary Jane Trapp.

Our first guest was Jimmy Cullen and we discussed his writing called “Mean Drunk Justice” and the Kavanaugh case. One major thing that Cullen discussed with us was how Justice Kavanaugh has a problem with telling the truth under oath and how it will affect him on the Supreme Court. Having someone that has trouble keeping their facts straight under oath on the Supreme Court is a little unnerving. He then goes on to talk about the administrations manipulation of the FBI during the Kavanaugh case, and finishes his time on the show talking about President Trump trying to frame the Democrats for everything that goes wrong or against him and seems to be trying to scare voters into voting Republican so that the Democrats do not “take away” our rights.

Our second guest on the show today was Mary Jane Trapp, and she came on the show to talk about different cases with us. She talks about the Cincinnati Enquirer Case, State vs. Vega (2018) , and ONU vs Charles Construction Services. With the State vs. Vega (2018) Case, Trapp explains what would give a police officer probable cause to search your car without a warrant during a traffic stop. With ONU vs. Charles Construction Services, Trapp explains that faulty workmanship cannot be covered in a claim and that before you hire a contractor that you make sure to review everything that is and is not covered. She finishes her time on the show today by giving her two cents on the Kavanaugh case and how she believes that electing him has “eroded confidence in an ‘impartial’ system” and how judges are supposed to be neutral or indifferent to political parties but she fears Kavanaugh will always favor Republicans.

Host of the show, Ed “Flash” Ferenc also discusses Cost of Living Adjustments, Consumer Price Index for the Elderly, the raised prices of stamps are a record nominal increase, and fighting the privatization of the postal service.

Today’s Show 10-01-18

on our show today, we had guests Mark Gruenberg and Sue McConnell. Our first guest Mark Gruenberg is head Washington DC’s bureau of People’s World and also an editor of Press Associations Inc. During his time on the show, Mark talks about the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, people calling the senate and telling them to believe the survivors, Labor Federations, and the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) all speaking against Kavanaugh. Gruenberg also talks about the executive court orders being overturned and now how they are being appealed and he explains that federal workers cannot bargain over their pay, contracts with the middle class, Cordray and Dewine race, and a Blue Wave. Our second guest on the show was Sue McConnell from the Bureau of Better Business. Today, Sue talked about new scams going on with fake check scams and car wrap scams. People are being sent fraudulent checks from companies that they think are trustworthy, depositing the bogus checks, taking money out and sending it to a third party business involved in the scam, and then having to pay the bank back when they find out the check was fake. Last year, the public lost over $60 million from these fake check scandals and that does not include scams that were not reported! She also talks about doing research before sending money to Natural Disaster Relief charities because some may not be trustworthy and keep the money, and she finishes her time on the show talking about children’s identities being stolen and their credit scores being ruined. We also talk about Labor 411 celebrating a decade of making a difference for workers, and supporting businesses who treat their workers well and provide good pay, benefits, etc. A lot of interesting stuff on the show today!

Today’s Show 9-27-18

Today’s show featured guests Bill Samuel and Sam Allard. Bill Samuel is with the AFL-CIO and Sam Allard is a senior writer with the Cleveland Scene Magazine. Our first guest on the show, Bill Samuel, talks politics with Cordray and Dewine and also the senate race and Sherrod Brown. He then talks about worker’s rights, OSHA, Kavanaugh’s stance on the working people, and Seaworld and their poor support and protection of their workers. He then gets into the Butch Lewis Act to talk about benefits for retirees, and finishes his time with discussion on NAFTA negotiations and where those are leading. Our second guest Sam Allard discusses what “opportunity zones” are and why they need to have better regulations put onto them. To conclude his time on the show, Allard talks about the podcast called “Serial” and talks about our criminal justice system. We also talk about the Brett Kavanaugh controversy, how the new NAFTA negotiations involve incentives with outsourcing, the Janus decision and right to work foundations, and an elected state federation’s first woman president!

Today’s Show 9-26-18

Today on our show we had Mark Naymik and Rita Lewis. Mark is from and the Plain Dealer and Rita is widow to Butch Lewis who worked with the Teamsters. Mark Naymik began his time on the show with talking about President Trump and his speech at the United Nations and then spent a while talking about the controversy surrounding Ken Johnson. To conclude his time on the show, Naymik talked about politics, state politics in Ohio involving Cordray and Dewine, the ECOT scandal, and Hyland Software being mentioned on a subpoena served by public corruption investigators. Rita Lewis was our second guest on the show today and she discussed pension plans. She talked about how hard her late husband, Butch Lewis of the Teamsters, fought for keeping pensions alive, Butch Lewis Act, and how it ultimately led to his death. Now, Lewis picks up where Butch left off and continues the fight and will not let the issue die out. We also discuss President Trump fighting court orders on what he can do with government employees, right to vote, voter registration day, and AFGE Local 3399 having problems with a VA. Lots of interesting stuff today on the show!

Today’s Show 9-24-18

On the show today, we had the Lake County Commissioner, Dan Troy, as well as the President of the Transportation Trades Department, Larry Willis.

During his time on the show, our first guest Dan Troy talked about Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and all of the controversy surrounding the organization, social security benefits, tax cuts, immigration issues, slander speech, the importance of exercising your right to vote, and being honored during Pipefitters Local 120 ceremony. Congratulations Dan!

Our second guest today was Larry Willis and he discussed the campaign against the Federal Railroad Administration and the Federal Railroad Safety Act, issues with the United States rail and freight industry, break inspections and other safety sensitive training, and how some politicians are out to defame each other during the elections.

We also discuss work without pay, CEO to worker pay ratio, a caucus happening discussing tax cuts, Hurricane Florence and it’s destruction, Unions helping those they need in the Carolinas, and more on the Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations. A great show today with great topics of discussion!

Today’s Show 9-21-18

On the show today, we had Mark Seavey from the American Legion Magazine and Richard Fiesta from the Alliance of Retired Americans. While on the show, our first guest Mark talks about a major problem going on with a VA Medical Center project in Denver going over budget and people are thinking it is intentionally being sabotaged by putting things in it that are not necessary and not focusing on what actually needs to be put into it. Mark also talks about the Blue Water Bill and how scientists are saying there is no direct link to all the cases of cancer going on. Our second guest Richard Fiesta talks a lot about social security, social security caucus going on right now, how we can expand, strengthen, and fix the benefits, raising the artificial earnings cap, raising the retiring age, tax cuts, and the senate race. We also discuss momentum in favor of labor, the governor race, and the investigation into ECOT!

Today’s show 8-8-18

On the program today we had Dr Jill Stein, 2 Time Green Party Presidential Candidate, and she talked about several topics including the Increasing number of Senior Citizens that are Filing for Bankruptcy, Right to Work, Janus Ruling, and Dems and Republicans joining hands for a War budget that is off the charts! Also on the broadcast was Tom Germuska Jr., Editor for The Labor Citizen, and he talked about a few of the stories being covered in the upcoming August Edition of The Labor Citizen!

Today’s show 8-6-18

On the program today we had 3 guests!!! Our first guest was Mark Gruenberg, Editor for Press Associates Union News Service, and he talked about several topics including the Job Numbers, SCOTUS, Tariffs, and Right to Work in Missouri! Our second guest was Richard Cordray, Candidate for Governor of Ohio, and he talked about Work Force Development Plans, Infrastructure, and Healthcare! Our third guest was Sue McConnell, President of the Cleveland Better Business Bureau, and she talked about some Scams to be aware of including Rogue Movers, Fake IRS scams, and Pet Leasing!

Today’s show 7-26-18

On the broadcast today we had Bill Samuel, Government Affairs Director for the AFL-CIO, and he talked about several topics including the Janus Decision, the Supreme Court, Trade and Tariffs, and Labor Laws! Also on the program was Anna Huntsman, writer for Scene Magazine, and she talked about the Nexus Pipeline and the money for the 37 School Districts that benefit from the Pipeline!