Dorsey Hagar from the Columbus Building and Construction Trades Council returns to America’s Work Force Radio

Dorsey Hagar from the Columbus Building and Construction Trades Council returns to be a featured guest on America’s Work Force Radio.

Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades CouncilOn Oct. 5 Dorsey Hagar rejoins the show to talk about his latest trip to the Alberta Building Trades Conference and presenting there. While at the conference, he spoke about community benefit agreements, pre-apprenticeship programs, and lowering unemployment rates. Hagar also talked about starting a program called a Building Trades Pilot Boot camp, doing a trial run next year, where they will expose middle schoolers going into the 9th grade to the trades. They will host a week long class from 8-3 where they will let the students learn about all of the trades and work hands on with them to show them that there are more options after high school than just a four year university. The last thing he talked about on the show is a minority contractor outreach event.

Mother Jones WebsiteOur second guest on the show was Pema Levy, and she talked about Rachel Mitchell questioning Dr. Ford in the Brett Kavanaugh case. She talked about Mitchell being blasted for casting a doubt on Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh and how people who have worked with Mitchell in the past are disappointed in how she went about this who entire thing. She was called disingenuous and inconsistent in her practices and was incredibly unprofessional by jumping to conclusions on the case.

The show host Ed “Flash” Ferenc discussed the fight for $15 and what it means for Amazon employees. By raising the wages to $15 an hour, it may seem like a win for the workers, however, employees who already earned $15 an hour saying they are losing more than they are gaining. Because of the wage increase, workers are missing out on monthly bonuses and a chance to own Amazon’s skyrocketing stock because of this raise. On top of that, employees already earning $15 an hour are only going to be receiving an extra $1 per hour, so they are losing more than they are gaining out of this. We also talk about Bernie Sanders telling McDonald’s to follow in Amazon’s footsteps and raise minimum wage to $15 an hour. Finally, he talked about airline workers organizing.

Great content today, make sure you give it a listen!

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Today’s Show 9-10-18

On today’s show we had Dan Doron from the Ohio Consumer Council and Tony Liberatore from Laborers Local 860. Our first guest on the show, Dan Doron, spoke about First Energy Solutions and First Energy Corp., First Energy Solutions declaring bankruptcy and what to expect next, whether electricity prices will change when the new owner takes over, First Energy closing down their last coal-fired plant, elderly people getting scammed when searching for utility assistance, and AT&T withdrawing from the lifeline program to offer vital telephone services to elderly people. Our second guest on the show today was Tony Liberatore from Local 860. Tony talked about Local 860 showing up and protesting at a groundbreaking for Euclid’s lakefront trail, how he wants to meet with the mayor and discuss not exporting local jobs when they have the capability and man power to get such jobs done, encouraging people to unionize, and President Trump’s plan to pump up the infrastructure in our country. We also discuss the income gap, overtime pay, added jobs, and Spirit Airlines Customer Service finally organizing!

Today’s show 8-14-18

On the broadcast today we had Curt Hess, Assistant to the Vice President of CWA District 4, and he talked about AT& T bargaining, the Right to Work defeat in Missouri, and the “Broken Promises Road Tour”! Also on the program was David Wondolowski, Executive Secretary-Treasurer for the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council, and he talked about Right to Work Defeated in Missouri, the Ohio Governor’s Race, and Ohio’s District 12 Results!

Today’s show 8-9-18

On the broadcast today we had Amy Hanauer, Executive Director for Policy Matters Ohio, and she talked about the upcoming State of Working Ohio Report! Also on the program was Josh Nassar, Legislative Director for the United Auto Workers Union(UAW), and he talked about several topics including The Supreme Court, Fuel Economy, Income Equality, and Trade!

Today’s show 8-6-18

On the program today we had 3 guests!!! Our first guest was Mark Gruenberg, Editor for Press Associates Union News Service, and he talked about several topics including the Job Numbers, SCOTUS, Tariffs, and Right to Work in Missouri! Our second guest was Richard Cordray, Candidate for Governor of Ohio, and he talked about Work Force Development Plans, Infrastructure, and Healthcare! Our third guest was Sue McConnell, President of the Cleveland Better Business Bureau, and she talked about some Scams to be aware of including Rogue Movers, Fake IRS scams, and Pet Leasing!

Today’s show 7-30-18

Today on the show we had Dr John McNay, President of the Ohio Conference of the American Association of University Professors, and he talked about the Janus Decision and the General Hostility to the Labor Environment!

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On the broadcast today we had Tom Buffenbarger, Independent Labor Voice, and he talked about several topics including Trump’s Tariffs, Janus decision, Anti-Worker Legislation, and Tax Cuts! Our next guest was Michael Marini, Author of “401 Confidential” and Financial Planner, and he talked about How you could be Losing Thousands in Hidden Fees on your 401K!

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On the broadcast today we had Chuck Collins, Director for Program on Inequality at the Institute for Policy Studies, and he talked about Reversing Inequality in America! Also on the broadcast was Larry Willis, President of the Transportation Trades Department of the AFL-CIO, and he talked about several topics including Attacks on Public Transportation Workers, Senate FAA Bill, and Amtrak Long-Distance Routes!

Today’s show 7-17-18

On the broadcast today we had Melissa Cropper, President of the Ohio Federation of Teachers(OFT), and she talked about the AFT Convention, the Janus Decision, and Passage of House Bill 216! Also on the program was Susan Moran Palmer, Congressional Candidate for Ohio District 16, and she talked about the Abuse of Independent Contractor Status for American Workers and the NLRB Judgement against Ferragon for Teamster Union Busting!

Today’s show 7-11-18

On the broadcast today we had Dr Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential Candidate, and she talked about several topics including fighting back on the Janus Attack on Organized Labor, Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee, and the upcoming Green Party National Meeting! Also on the program was Tom Germuska Jr., Editor of The Labor Citizen, and he talked about several of the stories being covered in the July Edition of The Labor Citizen!