Today’s show 4-24-18

On the broadcast today we had Thomas Buffenbarger, Retired President of the IAMAW and Independent Labor Voice, and he talked about several topics including Healthcare, Elections, and Pensions! Our second guest was Bethia Burke, with the Fund for Our Economic Future, and she talked about “The Two Tomorrows Report” and our Local Economy’s Health!

Today’s show 4-23-18

On the broadcast today we had Dan Troy, Lake County Commissioner, and he talked about several topics including Establishing Responsible Contracting Language for Capital Improvements, Orange Barrel Season and the Numerous Projects underway, and Election Day May 8th(Get out and Vote)! Also on the program was Greg Regan, Secretary-Treasurer for the Transportation Trades Department of the AFL-CIO, and he talked about the House FAA Bill featuring Minimum Rest for Flight Attendants, and Airline Customer Service Assault, and other Labor Issues!

Today’s show 4-19-18

On the broadcast today we had George Zornick, Editor of The Nation Magazine, and he talked about how the Never Again Movement is Disrupting Gum Politics! Also on the program was Patrick Gallagher, with the USW and the North Coast Area Labor Federation, and he talked about Trump’s Tariffs and Trade and Negotiations on Steelworker Contracts!

Today’s show 4-18-18

On the program today we had Holly Hart, Legislative Director and Assistant to the International President of the United Steelworkers Union(USW), and she talked about Steel and Aluminum Tariffs! Also on the brodcast was Crystal Bryant, Director of Cuyahoga County’s Office of Reentry, and she talked about Cuyahoga County’s Reentry Week 2018!

Today’s show 4-12-18

On the broadcast today we had 3 guests!!! Our first guest was Josh Nassar, Legislative Director for the United Auto Workers Union(UAW), and he talked about several topics including Taxes/budget, Trade, Immigration, and Labor Rights! Our second guest was Amy Hanauer, Executive Director for Policy Matters Ohio, and she talked about 5 more ways to Support Ohio Workers including Increasing Minimum Wage, Paid Leave, and Protecting Workers from Wage Theft! Our third guest was Senator Sherrod Brown and he talked about The Opioid Epidemic and Addressing the Pension Crisis in this Country!

Today’s show 4-11-18

On the broadcast today we had Reece Chenault, National Coordinator for the US Labor Against the War(USLAW), and he talked about South Korea/North Korea Talks and USLAW Delegation to South Korea! Our second guest was Tom Germuska Jr, Editor of The Labor Citizen, and he talked about some of the stories in the upcoming April Edition of The Labor Citizen Magazine!

Today’s show 4-9-18

On the broadcast today we had Dan Doron, with the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel, and he talked about several topics including FirstEnergy Solutions Bankruptcy, Telephone Legislation(Sub HB 402), Switching Energy Providers, and How to Avoid Robocalls! Our second guest was Anthony D Liberatore Jr, Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer of Laborers’ Local 860, and he talked about Upcoming District 12 O.D.O.T. Work and Trump’s Infrastructure Plan!

Today’s show 4-4-18

On the broadcast today we had Sarah Lahm, Writer for In These Times Magazine, and she talked about Labor Activists and Environmental Activists Working Together! Also on the program was Judge Charles Patton, Cleveland Municipal Court, and he talked about Meeting Dr Martin Luther King 55 years ago and the 50th Anniversary of King’s Assassination!

Today’s show 4-2-18

On the broadcast today we had Mark Gruenberg, Editor for Press Associates Union News Service/Washington Window, and he talked about several topics including Dr Martin Luther King Observances, Gun Control, and the Government Funding Bill! Our second guest was Sue McConnell, President of the Cleveland Better Business Bureau, and she talked about some scams to be aware of including the Dangers of Social Media Quizzes!

Today’s show 3-30-18

On the broadcast today we had Katie Johnston, with the Boston Globe, and she talked about Millennials and White Collar Professionals joining Unions! Our second guest was Reverend E.T. Caviness and he talked about the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King! Also on the program was Jim McIntyre, with the American Red Cross, and he talked about Preventing Home Fires!