Today’s show 7-26-16

On the broadcast today we had Thomas Buffenbarger, Retired President of the IAMAW, and he talked about the RNC, Hillary Clinton, Trade, and Retirement! Our second guest was Cherri Senders, with Labor 411, and she talked about Labor 411’s participation in the DNC and it’s First Labor Caucus!

Today’s show 7-25-16

On the broadcast today we had Bill Spratley, Executive Director of Green Energy Ohio, and he talked about Solar Energy Across Ohio Today! Our second guest was Larry Willis, with the Transportation Trades Department of the AFL-CIO, and he talked about the GOP Convention and their Platform in regards to Transportation and Labor!

Today’s show 7-22-16

On the broadcast today we had Professor John Russo, with Working Class Perspectives, and he talked about the RNC and Electoral Politics! Our second guest was Fred Redmond, Vice President of the The United Steelworkers Union(USW), and he talked about the RNC and what the USW is doing to get the word out up to the Election!

Today’s show 7-21-16

On the broadcast today we had Liz Shuler, Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO, and she talked about Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump and the State of Working Women! Our second guest was Leonard DiCosimo, President of Musicians Local 4 Union, and he talked about Union Musicians at the RNC and his new CD “Systematic Tales”!

Today’s show 7-20-16

On the radio show today we had Owen Herrnstadt, Chief of Staff for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers(IAMAW), and he talked about Trade and putting US Workers back to Work! Our second guest was George Boots, with the Finishing Trades Institute/IUPAT DC6, and he talked about their Training program and the different jobs in the Finishing Trades!

Today’s show 7-19-16

On the broadcast today we had Melissa Cropper, President of the Ohio Federation of Teachers, and she talked about several topics including the AFT Convention, the Fordham Report, and ECOT Suing to Block State from opening its books! Our second guest was John Corlett, President and Executive Director for The Center for Community Solutions, and he talked about “Pathways out of Poverty”!

Today’s show 7-18-16

On the Broadcast today we had Scott Paul, with the Alliance for American Manufacturing, and he talked about Protecting American Workers and Promoting Policies that are Supportive of US Manufacturing! Our second guest was Tom Mackell Jr., Economist and Author, and he talked about Donald Trump and his Trade Policies!

Today’s show 7-15-16

On the broadcast today we had Mark Seavey, with The American Legion Magazine, and he talked about “Our Shrinking Military”, a story about a Father joining the Military to Honor his son who died in Falljuah, and Veteran Suicides! Our second guest was Norm Wernet, Director of the Ohio Alliance for Retired Americans, and he talked about Donald Trump and his Vice Presidential Nominee!

Today’s show 7-14-16

On the broadcast today we had Wendy Patton, with Policy Matters Ohio, and she talked about “Helping the Hungry in Ohio”! Our second guest was Sylvia Johnson, Deputy Legislative Director for the UAW, and she talked about Th Trans Pacific Partnership/Trade and the Overtime Rule!

Today’s show 7-13-16

On the broadcast today we had Dr Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential Candidate, and she talked about Hillary Clinton, Social Unrest, and the Green Party Platform! Our second guest was Tom Germuska Jr, Editor of The Labor Citizen, and he talked about some of the stories in the upcoming July issue of The Labor Citizen!