Today’s show 3-3-15

On the broadcast today we had 3 guests!!! Our first guest was Tim Burga, President of the Ohio AFL-CIO. and he talked about Right To Work, Fast Track/Trade, and Cuts to Postal Service in Ohio! Our second guest was Joe Schiavoni, Minority Leader of the Ohio Senate Democrats, and he talked about Governor Kasich’s Budget! Our third guest was Nickie Antonio, Ohio State Representative, and she also talked about Kasich’s budget and proposed cuts for Pregnant Women!

Today’s show 3-2-15

On the broadcast today we had Mark Gruenberg, Editor of Press Associates Inc., and he talked about some of the Highlights from the AFL-CIO Executive Council Meeting in Atlanta including Raising Wages and the Fight over Fast Track! Our second guest was Sue McConnell, with the Cleveland Better Business Bureau, and she talked about some scams to be aware of including several Tax Scams/IRS Calls!

Today’s show 2-18-15

On the broadcast today we had Tom Buffenbarger, General President of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers(IAMAW) and he talked about Right to Work, Fast Track/Trade, and Apprentice Programs! Our second guest was John Dyce, with the Ohio State Association-National Association of Letter Carriers, and he talked about House Resolution 12(6 day delivery), House Resolution 28(Door to door delivery) and House Resolution 54(Service Standards)!

Today’s show 2-26-15

On the broadcast today we had Bill Samuel, Director of Government Affairs for the AFL-CIO, and he talked about several topics including Right to Work in Wisconsin, Homeland Security/Immigration, ObamaCare, and Trans-Pacific Partnership/Fastrack! Our second guest was Abby Marquand, Director of Policy Research for Paraprofessional Health Care Institute(PHI), and she talked about Poverty of America’s Home Care Aides is Undermining Care!