Today’s Show 8-31-18

On the show today we had Amirah Sequeira, Legislative Advocate for National Nurses United, and Ed Smith, President and CEO of Union Labor Life Insurance Company (Ullico). Our first guest Amirah Sequeira talked about the National Nurses United Organization, single-payer medicare for everyone, how to improve our healthcare system, obstacles in the way of trying to achieve medicare for everyone, and nurse to patient ratios. The second guest Ed Smith talked about his 50 Labor Days, labor movements, the Disney World contracts, and how 1 in every 10 workers are Union now compared to 1 in every 3 years ago. This and more on today’s show!

Today’s Show 8-30-18

On the broadcast today we had writer, editor, and researcher Tim Tolka, and contributing writer to The Prospect, David Dayen. Our first guest, Tim Tolka talks about how he got started with his research on his book Blue Mafia, small town police misconduct, brutality and corruption, consent decrees, and the backstory behind the federal investigations on the police in Steubenville and Warren Ohio. Our second guest, David Dayen talks about Tesla, the workers and the wages that they are making, how Tesla is the only United States car manufacturer that is non-Union, the high cost of living around the factory and how it is forcing the workers to have to live further than desirable away from their work, and Elon Musk and his promises to the workers (that do not include wage increases). Each of our guests dive deep into their incredibly interesting and thought provoking topics and made for a great show today!

Today’s Show 8-29-18

On today’s show we had former United States Attorney, Steve Dettlebach, and Bernie Lunzer of The News Guild. Our first guest Steve Dettlebach talks about his career history from all the way back in law enforcement to being a Civil Rights Attorney and working at the Department of Justice. He talks about why he is running for Attorney General, corruption in politics, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) scandal, the opioid crisis and hate crimes. Our second guest Bernie Lunzer talks a good deal on President Trump and his war on the press. He talks about how President Trump declaring the press the enemy is making people fear going to do their jobs because of how people have been treating members of the press lately and how it is causing some people to step away from the profession. Also, we talk about the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations and what President Trump has to say about Canada’s involvement, tariffs, and exchange rates between the United States and Mexico in their trade deal.

Today’s Show 8-28-18

Today on the show, we had our independent labor voice, Tommy Buffenbarger, retired General President of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, as well as Chad Worz, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the American Society for Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP). While on the show, Tom Buffenbarger talks about the Federal Judge on Friday who struck down the provisions of the executive orders that would crush government unions and weaken their representation, what is going on with North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) negotiations and where Canada stands, and John McCain and the White House’s response to his death. Chad Worz talks about elderly people and their medication and trying to reduce the amount they have to take by eliminating ones that are unnecessary, the over utilization of certain medications, drug pricing and the Pharmacy Benefit Managers, and why EpiPens got so expensive and how other drugs could be following suit because of the same reasons. Also, talks about Disney World striking up a contract that negotiated higher starting wages and the San Antonio City Council voting to allow working people up to 64 hours of paid sick time a year! A lot of great information on the show today!

Today’s Show 8-27-18

On today’s broadcast we have author of China RX, editor of JAMA Internal Medicine, and journalist with Journal of the American Medical Association Rosemary Gibson, and the Secretary-Treasurer at the Transportation Trades Department AFL-CIO, Greg Regan. Our first guest, Rosemary Gibson, talks about contaminated medicine from China, production of medicine in China, US losing jobs because of drug manufacturing in China, regulations and recalls, and proposed tariffs on chemical building blocks for medicines. Our second guest, Greg Regan, talks about extreme heat and cold on air crafts, workplace safety for flight attendants and flight crews, hurricane season and its impact people’s opinions of the Jones Act. Along with this, we talk about the largest, single day protest and Judge K. Brown Jackson striking down key provisions of a set of executive orders making it easier to fire employees and weaken their representation!

Today’s Show 8-24-18

On today’s broadcast we had Sherry Linkon, English professor at Georgetown University, with Working-Class Perspective, and David McCall, director of United Steel Workers (USW) District 1. While on the show, Sherry Linkon talked about the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) scandal, problems with charter schools, college student resources, and support of working class students at universities. Our second guest David McCall talked about steel work in Pittsburgh, their negotiations that started in July, United States and China tariffs and why they are imposed, and productivity of steel workers. Listen to these topics of discussion and more below!

Today’s Show 8-23-18

On today’s show we had Bill Samuel, director of government affairs with the AFL-CIO and Matt Rothschild, executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. While on the show, Bill Samuel talked about NAFTA negotiations, the Supreme Court and Brett Kavanaugh and right-to-work. Matt Rothschild talks about the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and Trump and the Road to Fascism!

Today’s Show 8-22-18

On today’s show we had Mark Naymik from the Plain Dealer and and Mike Walden with the National United Committee to Protect Pensions. During the show, Mark Naymik talked about Ken Johnson, the Buckeye Shaker Square Development Corporation, and airline maintenance workers and passenger safety. Mike Walden talks about the National United Committee to Protect Pensions, which he is a part of, the North East Ohio Committee to protect pensions, and the Butch Lewis Act.

Today’s Show 8-21-18

On the show today we had Darold Johnson, Director of Legislation and Political Action, from the Ohio Federation of Teachers (OFT), and Elyse Shaw, Senior Research Associate, from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Darold Johnson talks about the Summit Academy Charter School in Parma, fair wages, the teachers negotiating their first contract, Senate Bill 246 and intervention help for younger students. Elyse Shaw talks about the Union advantage for women, how policy affects men and women differently, wage gap issues, and how the Janus decision affects women in Unions. All of this and much more on today’s show!

Today’s Show 8-20-18

On the show today we had Tom Patton, State Representative from Ohio, and Tammy Wise with Fresh Water Cleveland. Tom Patton discussed payday lending, House Bill 123, the Fairness in Lending Act, and jobs that were gained in Ohio. Tammy Wise discussed Freshwater Cleveland their social media following, and six bold ideas that could be used to change Cleveland!