Today’s show 9-16-16

On the broadcast today we had Jeff Stoffer, Editor of The American Legion Magazine, and he talked about the October issue of the magazine and several stories that will be featured! Our second guest was Rich Fiesta, with The Alliance for Retired Americans, and he talked about the Ohio Senator Race and what Senator Rob Portman will do if he wins!

Today’s show 9-15-16

On the show today we had Ronald Baker, with the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union(BCTGM), and he talked about BCTGM’s Campaign against Nabisco! Our second guest was Patrick Gallagher, with the USW and the North Coast Area Labor Federation, and he atlked about several topics including Duties on Hot and Cold Rolled Steel Imports, a Recap of Labor Day Events, and the USW and Ohio AFL-CIO 2016 Campaign!

Today’s show 9-14-16

On the broadcast today we had Howie Hawkins, with the Teamsters and the Green Party, and he talked about how Presidential Debates are being Limited to just Major Party Candidates! Our second guest was Tom Germuska Jr, Editor of The Labor Citizen, and he talked about some of the stories in the upcoming issue of The Labor Citizen!

Today’s show 9-13-16

On the Broadcast today we had Frank Mathews, Administrative Director with CWA District 4, and he talked about several topics including the Trans Pacific Partnership, Call Center Bill in Ohio, and Unemployment Benefits! Our second guest was Andy Shen, Legal Analyst with the International Labor Rights Forum, and he talked about Slavery in the Seafood Industry!

Today’s show 9-12-16

On the radio show today we had Dan Doron, with the Ohio Consumers Counsel, and he talked about several topics including Back-to-school tips for Utility Consumers; First Energy Subsidy Case, and Energy Choice! Our second guest was Terry O’Sullivan, President of the Laborers International Union of North America(LIUNA), and he talked about Hillary’s plan on Improving the Infrastructure, Dakota Access Pipeline, and Clean Power Progress!

Today’s show 9-9-16

On the show today we had Jim Cullen, Editor of the Progressive Populist, and he talked about Private Insurance failing the Obamacare Test! Our second guest was Attorney Mary Jane Trapp and she talked about a few cases being tried in the Ohio Supreme Court!

Today’s show 9-8-16

On the broadcast today we had Amy Hanauer, Executive Director of Policy Matters Ohio, and she talked about the State of Working Ohio 2016! Our second guest was Sylvia Johnson, Legislative Director for the United Auto Workers(UAW), and she talked about the Trans Pacific Partnership, The VW plant in Tennessee, and Budget Riders!

Today’s show 9-7-16

On the broadcast today we had Attorney Andrew Young, with Nuremberg, Paris, Heller and McCarthy, and he talked about Truck Safety on the Highways! Our second guest was Dave Megenhardt, with United Labor Agency, and he talked about the current Job Outlook and what his Agency is doing!

Today’s show 9-6-16

On the broadcast today we had Tim Burga, President of the Ohio AFL-CIO. and he talked about several topics including Trump vs Clinton and the Ohio AFL-CIO Convention in Cleveland! Our second guest was Dr Andrew R Thomas, Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business at the University of Akron, and he talked about the Current and Future of the U.S. Economy!

Today’s show 9-5-16

Today’s show was our Labor Day show!!! Our first guest was Mark Gruenberg, Editor with Press Associates Union News Service, and he talked about several topics including the History of Labor Day, Donald Trump, Senate Races, and Minimum Wage! Our second guest was Sue McConnell, President of the Cleveland Better Business Bureau, and she talked about Scams that target Students, Zika Virus Protection Products Scams, and iTunes Gift Card Scams!