Today’s show 9-16-15

On the broadcast today we had Dr Emily Queenan, with Queenan Family Medicine and Maternity Care, and she talked about her migration to Canada because of the US Health Care System! Our second guest was U.S. Representative Jim Renacci, and he talked about the Bridge to Sustainable Infrastructure Act!

Today’s show 9-15-15

On he broadcast today we had Melissa Cropper, President of The Ohio Federation of Teachers(OFT), and she talked about several topics including Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll, HB 2 on Charter School Accountability, and Policy Matters Ohio’s Report on Ohio’s Economy! Our second guest was Yovel Badash, with No Child Held Back, and he talked about How American Education is as Bad As It Says!

Today’s show 9-14-15

On the broadcast today we had Dan Doron, with The Ohio Consumers’Counsel, and he talked about several topics including Water Drip Calculator, Home Energy Audits, the 380 Area Code, and Winter Reconnect Orders! Our second guest was Dahlia Shaewitz, Researcher with American Institutes for Research, and she talked about the Decline of Labor Force Participation and Employment Rates for People with Disabilities!

Today’s show 9-11-15

On the broadcast today our first guest was Jim Cullen, Editor of The Progressive Populist, and he talked about Donald Trump and the GOP! Our second guest was Attorney Mary Jane Trapp, Former Ohio Supreme Court Justice, and she talked about a couple of cases currently in The Ohio Supreme Court!

Today’s show 9-10-15

Today on the broadcast we had 3 guests!!! Our first guest was Josh Nassar, Legislative Director of the United Auto Workers Union(UAW), and he talked about the Federal Budget, Labor Rights, and Trade! Our second guest was Amy Hanauer, with Policy Matter Ohio, and she talked about their Annual State of Ohio Report! Our third guest was Senator Sherrod Brown and he talked about several topics including Paid Sick Leave, and the NLRB Ruling on Franchise and Subcontract Workers!

Today’s show 9-9-15

On the Radio show today we had Rich Whitney, Communications Director for the Illinois Green Party, and he talked about How America Can Afford to Pay for Full Employment at Living Wages! Our second guest was Tom Germuska Jr, Editor of The Labor Citizen, and he talked about the stories being covered in the upcoming September issue of The Labor Citizen!

Today’s show 9-8-15

On the broadcast today we had Keary McCarthy, President and CEO of Innovation Ohio, and he talked about Education and Economic Security for Working Families in Ohio! Our second guest was Garett Reppenhagen, Western States Director for Vet Voice Foundation, and he talked about Drilling Rights!

Today’s show 9-7-15

On the broadcast today we had Mark Gruemberg, Editor of Press Associates Union News Service/Washington Window, and he talked about several topics including The Supreme Court and Right to Work, Presidential Candidates, Curbing Corporate Crooks, and Keeping Our Oil Here! Our second guest was Sue McConnell, President of the Cleveland Better Business Bureau, and she talked about several scams to be on the look out for…

Today’s show 9-4-15

On the broadcast today we had Dorsey Hager, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Columbus/Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council, and he talked about several topics including an update on the new Leaders of the Heat & Frost Insulators International Union, The Future of the Insulators Union, Right to Work, and an upcoming Trap Shoot Event! Our second guest was Julia Lurie, Reporter for Mother Jones Magazine, and she talked about The Drought in California!

Today’s show 9-3-15

On the broadcast today we had Attorney Dan Petrov, with Ohio Association For Justice, and he talked about Work Place Rights! Our second guest was Kenny Yuko, Ohio State Senator, and he talked about the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Anniversary, Union Jobs, The Republican National Convention, and how these three topics are connected!