Today’s show 5-15-15

On the broadcast today we had Mark Seavey, With American Legion Magazine, and he talked about several topics including the National Credential Summit, Annin(The Oldest Flag Company in America), and ISIS! Our second guest was Rich Fiesta, with the Alliance for Retired Americans, and he talked about Fast Track/TPP and Republican Presidential Candidates!

Today’s show 5-14-15

On the Radio show today we had 3 guests!!! Our first guest was Josh Nassar, Legislative Director for the United Auto Workers, and he talked about Trade and the Budget! Our second guest was Amanda Woodrum, Researcher for Policy Matters Ohio, and she talked about Low Wages and High Turnover in Ohio’s Home Care Industry! Our third guest was Senator Sherrod Brown, and he talked about Fast Track/Trade and Raising the Minimum Wage!

Today’s show 5-13-15

On the broadcast today we had Dr Jill Stein, Green Party Presidential Candidate, and she talked about several topics including Job and Wages Numbers for April, TPP/Fast Track, and Reform Efforts of the Democratic Party! Our second guest was Tom Germuska Jr, Editor of The Labor Citizen, and he talked about some of the stories that will be featured in the May issue of the publication!

Today’s show 5-11-15

On the Radio show today we had Scott Gerfen, with The Ohio Consumers’ Counsel, and he talked about Tesla’s new Home Battery to store electricity, ways to keep your home cooler and utility bills lower during the summer, and Utility Assistance available for Armed Service Members! Our second guest was Jacob Duritsky, with Team NEO, and he talked about the Team NEO Report on Manufacturing!