Today’s show 1-15-13

On the radio program today, we had Melissa Cropper, President of the Ohio Federation of Teachers, and she talked about several issues including guns in schools, Reconnecting McDowell WV, and school funding! Our second guest was Pat Gallagher, United Steel Worker and member of the North Coast Labor Federation, and he talked about union made tires, the fiscal cliff, redistricting, and John Boehner!

Today’s show 1-11-13

On the radio program today we had Harlan Spector from the Newspaper Guild Local #1, and he talked about the new agreement with the Plain Dealer and the number of layoffs occurring in May…Our second guest was Judge Mary Jane Trapp, and she talked about a couple of cases in the Ohio Supreme Court including the case against Governor John Kasich for redistricting and the case regarding people who switched to all electric homes and not having their rates stay the same as promised!

Today’s show 1-9-13

On the program today we had Jill Stein, Presidential candidate for the Green Party, and she talked about bipartisan fiscal scams laying the groundwork for austerity, Obama’s abandonment of working people, and the REAL problem is unemployment and declining wages! Our second guest was Ed Coyle from the Alliance of Retired Americans and he talked about the Fiscal Cliff Deal and what it means for seniors!