Today’s show 5-14-12

Today on the show we had 2 guests…first up was Anthony Rodriguez from Ohio Consumers Counsel and he talked about several items including electric rates and how to cut your bill and the future of OCC…Our second guest was Terry O’Sullivan, president of Laborers International Union of North America, and he talked about the highway bill, the recall in Wisconsin and the dangers of Mitt Romney being elected!

Today’s show 5-11-12

today on the show we had 3 guests…first up was Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner from Moms Rising and she talked about mothers in the work place and pay inequality between women and men. Our second guest was Deron Lovaas from Natural Resources Defense Council and he talked about Ohioans driving on average of 9,739 miles per year and our dependence on oil. Our third guest was attorney Mike Apicella and he gave us an update on cases in the Ohio Supreme Court.

Today’s show 5-9-12

Today on the show we had Congressman Steve LaTourette and he talked about several issues including organized labor, PLA’s and the bill on Congress trying to increase the rate on student loans…Our second guest was Ed Coyle with the Alliance of Retired Americans and he talked about the Wisconsin Recall primary results and about May being Older Americans Month!

Today’s show 5-8-12

Today on the show we had 2 of our regular guests…first up was Jim Cullen of the Progressive Populist and he talked about several issues including Republicans war on the working class has been carried to the classroom, cuts in public school budgets and it’s effects on performance, and budget cuts to higher education have increased tuition…Our second guest was Sportswriter Dan Coughlin and he talked about the Indians, the browns and their draft and the NBA playoffs!

Today’s show 5-4-12

Today on the show we had Tom Buffenbarger, General President of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, and he talked about several things including the strike at Caterpillar and Lockheed Martin…Our second guest was former Governor Madeleine Kunin and she talked about her book “The New Feminist Agenda: Defining the Next Revolution for Women, Work, and Family!

Today’s show 5-3-12

Today on the show we had attorney Frank Gallucci from Ohio Association for Justice and he talked about new Workers’ Compensation legislation and how House Bills 516,517, and 518 have negatively impacted injured workers! Our secound guest was US Senator Sherrod Brown and he talked about Rescuing the Auto industry and about student loans…for these interviews in their entirety go to: