Today’s show 5-30-12

Today on the show we had Rich Kline from the AFL-CIO Union Label division and he talked about buying Union made products and a new phone apt to track union made items. Our second guest was Ed Wytkind of the Transportation Trades Department of the AFL-CIO and he talked about several items including the AMR corp’s anti union tactics and the surface transportation bill!

Today’s show 5-24-12

Today on the show was 2 of our monthly guests…First up was Legislative Director for the AFL-CIO, Bill Samuel, and he talked about the latest round of Republican budget cuts and Obama’s “To Do List” for Congress! Our second guest was Lou Dubose, editor of the Washington Spectator, and he talked about the “Bus Project” in Portland Oregon and Voting rights!

Today’s show 5-22-12

Today on the show we had several guests…the first segment we had Tom Jubeck of Pipefitters Local 120, Michael Dunton from the Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department and Steve Comunale from SA Comunale and they talked about the North Eastern Ohio Fire Prevention Association event going on tomorrow at the Pipefitters hall…Next up was Gary Tiboni from Teamsters local 436 and he talked about what’s going on at Smuckers and what’s going on with the strike at Red Cross!

Today’s show 5-21-12

Today we had 3 guests on the show… first up was State Senator Tom Patton who talked about Work Zone Safety and about the shale oil boom in Ohio. Next up was Leo Gerard, President of the United Steel Workers Union, and he talked about the Union turning 70 years old and it started in Ohio…Our third guest was Economist Tom Mackell Jr. and talked about the banks and the stock market gambling with our money!

Today’s show 5-17-12

Today on the show we welcomed our newest Monthly guest, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and sh talked about the Presidential campaign, Romney’s record on outsourcing, and budget battles in Washington! Our next guest was Bruce Colburn from SIEU Healthcare Wisconsin and he talked about the Wisconsin recall election, and just one of the four Republican State Senators needs to be recalled to flip control of the State Senate.

Today’s show 5-16-12

Today on the show we had 2 of our regular guests…First up was Matt Rothschild of the Progressive and he talked about several topics including Obama on Gay rights, How Obama ranks in the polls, and Gov. Walker recall in Wisconsin! Our second guest was US Congresswoman Betty Sutton and she talked about house budget priorities, the need to protect Medicare and what Congress should be doing…

Today’s show 5-15-12

Today on the show we had a new guest, Nancy Pitts, from Raising Women’s Voices, and she talked about several issues including National Women’s Health week, Affordable Care Act, and how improving health care for all Americans can be cost effective. Our second guest was Pat Gallagher of USW and North Coast Labor Federation and he talked about the USW 70th Anniversary and the Ohio AFL-CIO Labor 2012 plan.