Today’s show 4-13-12

Today on the show we had 3 guests! Our first guest was Bernard Lunzer of the Newspaper Guild and he talked about being part of the Communication Workers of America and media in the US! Our second guest was Frank Valenta, Retired Director of District 28 of the United Steel Workers Union, and he talked about President Kennedy’s involvement in the steel industry in 1962. Our third guest was attorney Mike Apicella and he talked about a couple cases in the Ohio Supreme court.

Today’s show 4-11-12

Today on the show we had Congressman Steve Latourette and he talked about the Cooper-LaTourette Budget amendment. Our second guest was Ed Coyle from the Alliance of Retired Americans and he talked about The Paul Ryan budget and Mitt Romney’s misleading comments on Medicare.

Today’s show 4-12-12

Today on the show we had Zach Schiller of  Policy Matters Ohio and he talked about Ohio Income taxes and some people wanting to eliminate them! Our second guest was Doug Myers of the UAW and he talked about the Trans-Pacific Partnership &  FTA…For these interviews in their entirety, go to our website

Today’s show 4-9-12

Today on the show we had 3 guests! Our first guest was Loree Soggs, President of the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council, and talked about the press conference/rally being held on Tuesday regarding protect Cleveland Jobs! Our second guest was Marty Berkowitz of the Ohio Consumers Counsel and he talked about several issues including a bill in congress to eliminate basic phone service. He also talked about gas rates being at a 10 year low. Our third guest was Bob Goff and he told his story about how working with asbestos affected his life and how he is against house bill HB380. For these complete interviews, go to our website,

Today’s show 4-6-12

Today on the show we had General President Tom Buffenbarger of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and he talked about the National Labor Relations Board scandal…our second guest was Dave Johnson and he gave us an update on the Cleveland Medical Mart and Convention Center! The complete interviews are on our website,

Today’s show 4-4-12

Today on the show we had General President Jimmy Williams of the International Union of of Painters and Allied Trades and he talked about several issues including Joe Biden, the upcoming elections and the IUPAT announcing the backing of Obama for President. Our second guest was  David Doniger  from the NRDC and he talked about new EPA rule regarding Carbon emissions from power plants and the effect on the cases of Asthma in Ohio.

Today’s show 4-3-12

Today on the show we had Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga and talked about several things including Right to Work legislation, Redistricting,and Mayor Jackson! Our second guest was Professor Eric Klinenberg and talked about the increasing number of people living alone! Go to our website for the full interviews at

Today’s show 4-2-12

Today on the show we had 2 of our regular guests…First up was Mark Gruenberg of Press Associates Inc. and he talked about several topics including state by state legislation and right to work/anti-union activity. Our second guest was Sue McConnell of the Ohio chapter of the Better Business Bureau and she talked about a couple of scams going on in the state of Ohio. Go to our Archive section of the website www.awfradio for more of these interviews!