Today’s show 1-31-12

Today on the show we had Judge Donna Congeni-Fitzsimmons from the Rocky River Municipal court and she talked about the Cleveland connection to the “Mob Museum” opening in Las Vegas next month and about being the lead prosecutor on the Lombardo case. Also on the program was Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald and he talked about the County updates. For more details on these interviews, go to the archived shows Tab on the website!

Today’s show 1-30-12

Today on the show we had one of our regular guest, Congressman Steve LaTourette. He talked about the highway bill, payroll tax extension and the Canadian pipeline…lso on the show was Patricia DeGennaro and she talked about Iran and what’s going on over there and how to improve relations. For more of these interviews, go to the archives tab on our website.

Today’s show 1-25-12

On today’s show we had Mark Naymik, columnist for The Plain Dealer, and he talked about President Obama’s State of the Union address and the county prosecutor’s race…We also had Judge Eileen T Gallagher and she talked about foreclosures and the foreclosure program that is currently in place…

Today’s show 1-24-12

Today on the show we had Jeff Stoffer of American Legion magazine and we discussed several topics including job/careers for Vets, Tax credits, mental health care and limb transplants. Our second guest was Frank Burdell of Teamsters local 407 and we talked about the defeat of SB5 and what the Teamsters are doing to support our brothers in Indiana.

Today’s show 1-26-12

Today on the show we had Bill Samuel of the AFL-CIO talking about President Obama’s State of the Union Speech and we discussed the GOP candidates. Also on the show was Lou Dubose, Editor of the Washington Spectator, and we talked about the voting rights act in Texas among other things…please go to the archive section of our website to hear the entire interview!

Today’s show 1-23-12

Today on the show we had Keith Ervin of Union Plus and he talked about  a new service that helps union members save when buying a new vehicle…also on the show was General President Ed Wytkind of the Transportation Trades Department and he talked about public transportation being at it’s highest level since the 1950’s and he talked about H.R. 3200 the Transit assistance Act.

Today’s show 1-20-12

Today on the show we had Amanda Weinstein of the Ohio State University Department of Agriculture, Environmental and Development Economics and we discussed  Shale gas and it;s employment opportunities. Also on the show was Sue McConnell of the BBB and she talked about scams to watch out for in the new year. And finally we had our monthly segment with Harry Kelber. Please go to our website www.awfradio to listen to the show for more information!

Today’s show 1-19-12

Hello Everybody…on today’s show we had the International Executive Vice President of SEIU and we talked about the Justice for Janitors campaign and about Right to Work laws and the need to create more jobs! Also on the show was Jack Buettner who was a Federal Mediator and he talked about  strikes back in the day and other things the federal mediation board does to help…

Today’s show 1-18-12

On today’s show we had 2 of our regularly scheduled guests. First was Matt Rothschild of the Progressive and we talked about what’s going on in Wisconsin with the petition to recall Governor Walker. We also discussed the Republican debate and the candidates.Next on the show was Congresswoman Betty Sutton and we talked about Congress being back in session and not voting on anything that would help. We talked about extending the middle-class tax cut and how it will help  our economic growth. Listen to the show for more details.


Today’s show 1-17-12

Today on the show we had Professor Andrew Timming of the National Labor College and we talked about why Unions are good for the economy and about finishing your Bachelor degree at the National Labor College. Also on the show was Pat Gallagher of the Northcoast labor Federation and USW and he talked about  the 150 jobs opening at the Steel plant in Cleveland and about the contract dispute with Timken and the Cooper Tire lock out…